Battle Beasts Minimates At TRU!





The all new Battle Beasts Minamates are beginning to make their way to TRU! If you are ready to start the hunt head on down to TRU and see if you get lucky. More on the specific figures that will be available below, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and Join in the Discussion.

Beasts Minimates Toys R Us Exclusive Series 1 figures.

Vorin the Ram vs. Scorpus the Scorpion (New Decos)
Merk the Falcon vs. Spidron the Tarantula (New Decos)
Gruntos the Walrus vs. Scalpus the Snake (New Decos)
Antalor the Moose vs. Nychirix the Bat (Exclusive)




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