BBTS G.I. Joe Retaliation Wave 3.5 Case of 12 Pre-Orders

Serpentorslair Sponsor BBTS now has G.I.Joe Retaliation wave 3.5 for pre-order. They are offering the opportunity to order the figures individually as well!

This case is to include the following:

GI Joe Retaliation 3.75″ Figures Series 03.5 – Case of 12 – GI Joe GI Joe Retaliation Movie (2013) GI Joe 3.75″ Figures

1x Budo
1x Kwinn
1x Data Viper
1x Crimson Guard
1x Cobra Combat Ninja
1x Ultimate Cobra Commander
1x Ultimate Roadblock
1x Ultimate Storm Shadow
1x Ultimate Snake Eyes
1x Ultimate Duke
1x Ultimate Flint
1x Ultimate Fire Fly



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