Beast Hunters Line for Japan Color Changes Confirmed!

Official Images Transformers Go! Beast Hunters Line for Japan Color Changes Confirmed (10)__scaled_600

Color changes for the Japanese Transformers Beast Hunters Figures have been confirmed. I think everyone will be pleased at how the Japanese Beast Hunters Shockwave has turned out specifically. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts and check out the full Gallery of Images after the JUMP!


The official Takara Tomy Transformers site has posted official images of the new Transformers Go! action figures. The Beast Hunters line for Japan. Confirmed are be redecos of the Hasbro figures like Shockwave that is a darker blue with black beast-plates. Also Starscream and Soundwave have more G1 like colors than the figures we have seen from Hasbro. Check out the images for G11 Optimus Prime, G12 Dragotron (Predaking), G13 Shockwave, G14 Bumblebee,
G15 Bulkhead, G16 Wheeljack, G17 Starscream, and G18 Soundwave below.


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