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Black Widow and Taskmaster S.H. Figuarts!

We have exciting news to report today as Tamashii Nations has released photos and details for their new Black Widow and Taskmaster figures. Check out the prices, photos and more details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. These offerings are slated for released in June!

S.H. Figuarts Black Widow – 6,600 Yen (about $61 USD)
Following the movie “Avengers / End Game”, the world’s No.1 box office, Black Widow, a core member of the Avengers, reappears in a long-awaited stand-alone movie!

This Black Widow is a luxurious content that comes with a new weapon and effect parts in addition to a realistic head with digital coloring of the soul. Simultaneous release, you can reproduce the death battle with the mysterious “task master” that will be the first appearance of this work!

Includes her equipment for using various weapons. Achieving reproducibility of assent.
The head is realistically reproduced with digital coloring of the soul. Abundant accessories.
The hook type baton first appeared in this work.

Simultaneous release, S.H.Figuarts can reproduce the excitement of the play together with the first appearance of the task master (sold separately).

Product Specifications

Height: about 145mm
Material: ABS, made of PVC
Set Contents

Replacement wrist left and right each five
Gun × 2
Holster left and right
Baton × 2
Hook type baton

S.H. Figuarts Taskmaster – 7,480 Yen (about $69 USD)

Marvel Studio latest work! From “Black Widow”
Mysterious enemies task master first appeared at the movie release timing

Taskmaster first appeared at S.H.Figuarts. In addition to the magical battle style that is attracting attention in this work, guns, swords, shields, and bow equipment are used to reproduce numerous fierce battles with Black Widow!

Includes removable hood and replaceable goggles.
Plenty of weapon parts are included to match the taskmaster’s battle style.
Reproduce the charm of the new character with great care.

The protagonist Black Widow (sold separately) is released at the same time. Together, they realize a fierce battle like in a play.

Product Specifications

Height: about 150mm
Material: ABS, made of PVC
Set Contents

Replacement wrist Left 3 types Right 5 types
Replacement hood parts
Replacement goggle parts

Black Widow and Taskmaster S.H. Figuarts!


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