‘Bleach: Paradise Lost’ Trailer Released!

Today we have the new trailer for the ‘Bleach: Paradise Lost‘ mobile game. Based in the same style as Pokémon GO, Bleach: Paradise Lost the mobile game will be based on the popular manga. Check it out below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Bleach: Paradise Lost is based on the original works of manga illustrator Tite Kubo. The manga that ran from 2001 and ended in 2016 in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, has inspired a number of games to be created based on the series. In addition, Bleach’s manga has inspired an animated TV show, several animated films, and an upcoming live-action adaptation. The series’ animated TV show was canceled and unfinished in 2012, with fans eager for a return. Bleach fans are hopeful that this new game and the upcoming live-action film may spark a potential anime return for the series, however; that is still unlikely.



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