‘Bluestreak’ The next Masterpiece Car Coming to Toys R Us!


The word out today is that the next Masterpiece Transformers Car coming to Toys R Us is going to be Bluestreak. For those of us collecting Masterpiece Transformersthis is really exciting news. Check out the details on the figure below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com)

Toys R Us is the place to go this week for poorly kept secrets, as we’ve got some new inventory info to share once again. Thanks to Icespark who uncovered a listing revealing that Masterpiece Bluestreak is in the system at Toys R Us for the same initial price as Prowl, $59.99. It’s still high for this toy as it was for Prowl, but it’s good to see the licensed Masterpieces are continuing to be released from Hasbro. No release date is known yet, but you can check out the printout for yourself if you keep reading.



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