Botcon 2013 – Megaplex Robot Mode Image Reveal!

Botcon 2013 - Megaplex Robot Mode Image (1)__scaled_600

The final figure in this years Botcon exclusive set has been revealed and it is ‘Megaplex‘! Check out more details on this figure and character below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Our 5th and final reveal for the 2013 MACHINE WARS: TERMINATION box set is the Clone Army Commander… MEGAPLEX! Utilizing a very popular voyager mold from the Transformers: Prime line, this figure is the perfect compliment to this years MACHINE WARS box set!

So, who exactly IS Megaplex and what is his origin? Megaplex was built by Jhiaxus as a clone of Megatron, copying the Decepticon tyrant’s aggression, cunning, and battlefield skills into a brand new body ready for the modern age. Charged with leading an assault against the planet Cybertron and securing the heart of Jhiaxus’ new, unified Cybertronian Empire, Megaplex uses the traits he has inherited from Megatron with chilling efficiency as he smashes through planetary defenses and culls the planet below. Check out the Con Exclusives page for this final figure reveal.

The Termination has begun! Don’t miss out on this amzing MACHINE WARS box set, available exclusively through BotCon!



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