Botcon 2015 – Box Set Final Reveal is ‘The Bounty Hunter’!


Today we have the final figure reveal for the Botcon 2015 exclusive box set. This figure is ‘The Bounty Hunter‘. Check out the details and images of this offering below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


The fifth figure for the Botcon 2015 boxset has proven to be what many have speculated, the Pretender Oilmaster. The inner robot is represented by a recolor of Generations Legends Swerve with its partner Targetmaster figure. The Pretender shell based on a canceled G1 concept appears to be a fully new piece made for this set which can hold both robots.

The Oilmaster Pretender shell seen in the video is stated to be a resin hardcopy, while the factory carries out certain requested adjustments to the production version, so while this represents the idea, be ready for some differences to happen between now and the first reveal of an actual production sample. The Double Pretenders were an abandoned late-G1 concept which would have featured two inner robot figures occupying a single shell, which is the design mechanic this exclusive seeks to emulate. The Oilmaster character debuted in eHobby fiction a few years ago, bringing the ape Pretender design to use for the first time.

Also, the hardcopy Pretender shell is shown carrying Construct-Bot weapon molds. It’s unclear if these are placeholders or these accessory molds have been “borrowed” for Botcon use.

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