BotCon 2016 – Attendee Figure Revealed!

Terrorsaur (2)__scaled_600

Botcon 2016 is the final Botcon through Fun Publications, and with that we have the attendee figure reveal to share with you today. This years character is, ‘Combiner Wars Terrorsaur‘! This is a recolor of the combiner wars ‘Air Raid‘ figure with a new head. Check out the images below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

A BotCon first! Here is your official look at the FREE figure you receive for attending BotCon as a Primus or Golden Ticket Primus package holder. From this year’s “Dawn of the Predacus” comic, produced by IDW, we are thrilled to present COMBINER WARS TERRORSAUR!

If you are planning on attending BotCon as a registered attendee, time is running out to pre-register! Order your weekend package today at

Terrorsaur (1)__scaled_600 Terrorsaur (2)__scaled_600



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