Botcon Day One News!


Hey Transformers fans, we have some great insight into day one at this year’s Botcon. So check out all the great info below and share your thoughts and see more pictures after the JUMP!

(Source: toyark/tfw2005)

Well, it didn’t take long for potentially major news to come out. We have our first bit of toy news from Botcon 2013. Word is that the 30th Anniversary Transformers display case has some exciting items on display. This may be an indicator of a few major new releases for Hasbro. Apparently on display are:

• A Generation 1 Predaking Reissue
• Year of The Snake Platinum Edition Omega Supreme
• Year of The Snake Platinum Edition Energon Optimus Prime
• Year of The Snake Platinum Edition Bruticus VS Grimlock Box Set

Botcon 2013 Exclusive Souveniers Confirmed

2005 Board member ScottyP has stopped by to let us know the Botcon 2013 show-only exclusive souvenirs. As confirmed by this years exclusive comic that comes with the “Machines of War” set, we have the following on tap for this year’s Botcon:

Starscream (attendee exclusive freebie)
Rainmakers 3-pack (LE 2500 sets)
Electro and Sandstorm (LE 2000 sets)
Mirage and Thundercracker (LE 2000 sets)
Kreon 5-pack (LE 1500 sets)


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