‘Bumblebee’ Stand Alone Movie to be Part of The Transformers Movie-Verse!


We all know that Michael Bay is coming back for another installment in the Transformers Movie Universe in ‘Transformers 5‘. But today we have learned that there are plans for a ‘Bumblebee‘ stand alone movie that is also going to be taking place in the same universe. Check out the details on this one below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: Comicbook.com)

Today, Hasbro CEO BrianGoldner took part in a presentation at the Global Consumer Conference 2015 and discussed Hasbro and Paramount’s upcoming Transformers Cinematic Universe.

“Last year was Transformers 4. It was quite a good success for us last year” Brian Goldner said (via TFW2005). “We’ve begun to work with writers and we are now developing the Transformers [Cinematic] Universe beyond the first four movies.”

Yesterday, we learned that one of the spinoff films could be a prequel set on the Autobot and Decepticon’s home world of Cybertron. But, what other spinoffs could we expect from the TCU? “Many of you know Bumblebee; the yellow Camaro… formally known as a yellow VW Bug and he is a beloved character by kids all over the world,” Goldner explained. “We could see stories told around Bumblebee and other characters. We are in a process of building the brand equity around the Comic Book Business, our TV Business, our Digital Gaming Business and adding to that our new movie business of Transformers”.

Bumblebee is the lovable Autobot that lost the ability to speak when his voice box got damaged during a battle. He communicates by using popular audio clips via his radio. When he transformers into a car he takes the form of a yellow Ford Mustang. In the first three films he developed a close bond to Sam Witwicky. In the last film, he continue to be a human protector, making sure to keep the Yeager family out of harm’s way.


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