Capcom Teases Street Fighter V!


Round 2 FIGHT! Street fighter has become one of the most beloved Video Games among multiple generations of people. And, thanks to Capcom it is not over, as today they have teased the upcoming Street Fighter V! For more on this, check out the news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


The Street Fighter series of games has been one of Capcom’s most profitable, especially during the 1990s, and after an extended break we finally got a new entry in the series in 2008. Street Fighter IV continued the series’ success and has multiple releases both in terms of platforms and versions. Now Capcom has unveiled Street Fighter V, only this time it’s a much more exclusive affair.
As the teaser trailer below clearly states, Street Fighter V is a game exclusive to the PC and PS4. If you chose the Xbox One as your only next-gen console, you won’t be playing this new entry in the Street Fighter series as far as we can tell.

Of course, exclusive is a word used quite loosely by platform holders and publishers alike. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox exclusive, and although those involved refuse to talk about it, the game is widely expected to see a release on PlayStation hardware eventually. So with that in mind, Street Fighter V may make the leap to Xbox One, but probably long after PS4 and PC owners have mastered the game.
The official announcement is likely to come during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event this weekend in las Vegas, and hopefully we’ll get to see more of the game in action. Fans of the series will be eager to find out more details about the character roster, launch date, and pre-order bonuses. However, looking back at Street Fighter IV, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some gamers wait for the inevitable updated releases carrying the Arcade or Ultra tag in the name.
Back in June of this year Yoshinori Ono, Capcom’s Street Fighter Series executive producer, commented that Street Fighter V was in the early planning stages. That suggests to me we could be waiting until 2016 for the game to launch, although 2015 should be achievable taking into consideration the game is only coming to two platforms. We may even see the PS4 get the game first followed by the PC version a few months later. I’m sure Sony will be pushing to make that the case.


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