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Microsoft revealed the unboxing of it’s new console , The Xbox One , today and oh baby, daddy likes! Ok maybe that was too much,but I got to say this Xbox One looks NICE and surprise , surprise, it comes with a awesome head set that may ease the pain of coughing up an extra $100 dollars than it’s competitor, the PS4. I must admit, even though the PS4 will be the console of choice for me, this Xbox One is looking like it just may earn a spot in my living room as well. So , check out the unboxing courtesy of one of the first twenty of the assembly line,the headset, and sound off on which console you are leaning towards!


Microsoft has posted an unboxing video of one of the first 20 Xbox One consoles to come off the production line.

Let’s start with that headset, though. The Xbox One supports a sampling rate that is three times that of the Xbox 360. The controls (as shown in this product video that was posted yesterday) are right near the controller for easy access. Also in the box, you’ll find the Kinect 2.0, a 4K HDMI cable, and the power supply.

The console itself sports a 500 GB hard drive, loads via slot (rather than tray), and has the following ports:
•Digital Optical Audio (TOSLINK)
•Kinect Port (different than the original Kinect)
•USB 3.0 x 3
•RJ-45 (Ethernet)
•Security slot to lock and tether your Xbox One

The controller that comes with the launch model of the Xbox One is branded with “Day One 2013” and has a chrome D-pad. We’ve talked about some of the features of the Xbox One controller before (rumble triggers, improved D-pad, improved thumb sticks). Today, we got some new information about how the Play and Charge kit works.

You’ll still need to buy a battery pack if you want to charge the controller off the console, but the bulky, proprietary cable is gone. The Xbox One controller sports a micro-USB port, and should be able to use any micro-USB cable. Disposable and rechargeable AA batteries can be used, but cannot be replenished using the controller as a power supply.

When connected to the Xbox One via cable, the controller’s internal radio is shut off, sending data exclusively over the cable. You can use the controller without batteries in wired mode, just like with the Xbox 360 controller.

The one thing we didn’t get in this video is the release date. Here’s hoping that we’ll know more about that from Gamescom in Germany.


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