Check Out The Creepy New Next Gen ‘Daylight’ Trailer From E3


As the next generation consoles begin to pick up full marketing steam at this year’s E3,developer Zombie Studios has revealed their new survival horror franchise,Daylight, today.From what we know so far, you awaken in a deserted hospital with only your cell phone to give you guiding lightas you progress through the game.One cool next generartion perk to note, the multiple play throughs will never be the same as the background layouts and clues will never be the same.So check out the trailer fresh from this years 2013 E3 and let us know what you think after the JUMP!


The company’s first next-gen project is a psychological horror game that will be a console exclusive for Sony.

Daylight is developed by Zombie Studios, and features a script written by gaming media personality Jessica Chobot. The game features a somewhat familiar feeling set-up: you awake in an abandoned, creepy hospital, and must find your way through the dark using only a cell phone for light. However, there’s a twist: the first-person game features procedurally generated levels, meaning that no two playthroughs of the game will be the same. Everything, from the layout of the hospital to the placement of clues, will change each time you start a new game. Atlus also listed out the game’s PlayStation 4 features, seen below:
• Using every ounce of processing power: Daylight uses Unreal Engine 4 to create an atmospheric setting with some of the most immersive graphics to date.
• Share gameplay online: Scare friends with the system’s new “share” feature to stream gameplay to friends.
• Capturing the moment: Daylight uses the PS4 system’s integrated PlayStation Eye camera to take pictures of the exact moment that a scare happens. Keep the pictures of the reactions as a novelty or bravely share them with friends on social networks.
• RealD 3D Support: Daylight uses the latest 3D technology from RealD to expand its haunting atmosphere into the third dimension.

Daylight will a download-only game for both PS4 and PC, and will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2014.



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