Chris Pine says ‘Brainy’ Star Trek Movie Won’t Work Today!


Star Trek fans have had a lot to say both positive and negative about the new Star Trek Trilogy of films. But, the most obvious and widely held complaint is that the films tend to focus far more on action and battle, rather than the more traditional Star Trek themes of Science and Exploration. Actor Chris Pine who plays ‘Captain Kirk‘ in the films weighed in on this topic. And he thinks that due to ‘dumbed down’ audiences, Hollywood is not prepared to make a more ‘smart’ Trek movie. Check out more on what he has to say below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Back in 1965, NBC told Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry his science-fiction TV show was “too cerebral” for television audiences to enjoy. And it looks like in 2016, our current incarnation of the heroic Captain Kirk agrees with that assessment. While making the interview rounds for Star Trek Beyond, Chris Pine said, “…you can’t make Star Trek cerebral in 2016. It just wouldn’t work in today’s marketplace.

Pine went on to say that the recent Star Trek films have attempted to “hide” complex themes inside of bigger, louder narratives but that right now, doing anything more interesting or thoughtful is “tricky.”



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