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It’s the season for sharing and this year’s holiday month interviews will blow-up your Christmas list. All month long until December 23rd, will be bringing these fantastic cosplayer’s interviews for your entertainment. Kicking off this Holiday-themed interview, she comes all the way from Mexico who’s spicy looks and Latin style cosplay will make you stay under a mistletoe. So stay away from the “Naughty List” or else, you find something under your tree that might never get enough from this cosplayer. She’s short and sweet and the complete package wrapped in a bow.  Please give a Christmas Spice welcome to cosplayer, Dollka-Kat.

Raven: Hello Mina or should I call you, Dollka-kat? Thank you so much for the gift that keeps on giving, you! 

Mina: Hello Raven. Hello World and ¡Feliz Navidad! Thank you so much for having me do this Holiday interview with you.

Raven: This is a wonderful gift I don’t mind opening before December 25th. 

Raven: As you might not know before I begin with any of my festive Holiday questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need a little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “Making Mistakes is better than Faking Perfection”.

Raven: Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, please tell us about yourself. 

Mina: I am Mina del Ángel, I am of Mexican nationality and I live in Mexico City, I am a Psychologist, I have several specialties in Psychometry and Human Resources and I have been practicing in that area for the past 10 years. 

Mina: My eye and hair color is the same, brown, although sometimes my hair naturally bleaches to almost blonde tones. My native tongue is Spanish. I speak and write English, a bit of Latin due to the influence of my father and Romanian due to the influence of my mother (not Romani, Roma is from the gypsies). I’m 1.58 (4’9 ft.).

Raven: How did you come up with your cosplayer name, DollKa-Kat?

Mina: It is a composition of ‘Doll’ in English, and kat/cat for the Cats, I don’t know, when I was thinking about when I decided to identify myself as. the doll of cats since I have many kittens.

Raven: Is there a special talent that no one knows about? 

Mina: Special talent? Well, I can learn to do almost anything just by seeing it once, I don’t know if that counts as talent, hahaha.

Raven: Have you ever re-gifted a gift you received that you hated?

Mina: Yes, my boss in my office gave me some HORRIBLE Christmas centerpieces, Horrible!!! I kept them for a whole year and ended up giving them away in exchange, to a classmate who curiously found them adorable …

Raven: Do you workout or does it come naturally?

Mina: Since March 2020, the quarantine started in my city, I do at least 90 minutes of daily exercise and have been on a diet since the beginning of this year, supervised by a nutritionist, so it is more effort than anything else.

Raven: What do you love to do over the Christmas Holiday?

Mina: For Christmas time, I like watching movies all day, I love detective, supernatural, and some fantasy movies. After watching movies, I love to walk around the places where there are Christmas decorations and have a hot punch.

Raven: Hot Punch? I’m sure the Kool-Aid Man would have a few choice words on that subject.

Raven: How would you avoid someone kissing you under the mistletoe? 

Mina: I burn the mistletoe.

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to?

Mina: About music, Haha! You’re going think I’m weird, but I like many genres, industrial with Laibach, Apocalyptic Folk music with Cocteau Twins, ethereal music with Current 93, folk-rock with Human Drama, Balkan with Goran Bregovic, Täraf from Haidoüks, experimental rock like The Legendary Pink Dots, punk or new wave, etc, I could talk for hours about the genres and groups that I like.

Raven: Is there a Deep-Dark secret that no one knows about and is ready to confess? 

Mina: Deep-dark secret? Yes, I have like 100 dark and deep secrets, I’m not quite ready to reveal them all but at least I will do it with one, I use Bra Push Up to make me look like I have bigger boobs. Haha! I don’t know how good it was to reveal that 😛 

Raven: I haven’t noticed. Hmmm?

Raven: Psychology speaking, why do you suppose people love to cosplay a character?

Mina: Speaking of Psychology, of course. Cosplay is an expression of personality, like fashion. Those who wear cosplay seek to cover the part of self-realization and social interaction as well as belonging to a group. 

Mina: For this reason, many cosplayers become excited and even make this a hobby, or a lifestyle, it is complex and it is a subject for a long and extensive debate, I can do it whenever you like.

Raven: There you have it, folks! The Psychology science of Cosplay!

Raven: What sort of books do you read to pass the time?

Mina: I usually mix subjects related to my career with fantasy or gothic literature, I like Robert E. Howard, Lovecraft, Tolkien, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Silmarillion’ I read them every year in December, as a personal tradition.

Raven: What is the most precious gift you ever received from someone at Christmas? 

Mina: A sewing machine. I am so thankful, I was able to make my first cosplay.

Raven: What anime/manga character best describes your personality?

Mina: I think Wild Tigger from ‘Tiger & Bunny’.  He’s a big loser who strives to continue his dreams by persevering no matter what happens. He will do what he thinks is right and in his ideals, to continue on his way, even when he has nothing, not even half of what he was.

Raven:  When visiting you and your country, what fun & interesting places would you show me? 

Mina: You have to visit El Museo Nacional de Arte (Monal), its collection of paintings is exquisite, El Castillo de Chapultepec or La Biblioteca Palafoxiana. To have some fun there’s Cancun and the coastal area, where 24/7 full of events and lots of parties.

Raven: Have a favorite Comic, Anime, Manga, graphic novel book you like to read or watch?

Mina: Yes, ‘V for Vendetta’, when I read it I was moved by the ideals professed by antihero V, by the plot, by the characters, by that ending, I read it at a time in my adolescence, when I was rebellious and against the system and marked a lot the type of literature and comics that later I began to like.

Raven: Is being a Disney Princess as an adult a cry for help? 

Mina: Well, fortunately, Disney has already changed the stereotype of princesses that he writes, I think you can be a Disney princess and be someone self-sufficient without having to be saved, although of course, the extremes, in anything, are bad.

Raven: I knew it all along there was a pretty gothic princess inside me!

Raven: What was your most memorable Christmas gift ever?

Mina: My most memorable Christmas gift is a Malibu Barbie, it was the first doll that Santa brought me, and the first doll I ever got. Until a few years ago, was still intact, in its box.

Raven: Is there a favorite candy or dessert you can’t wait to have at Christmas? 

Mina: Apple Salad (Mexican Version), it is my downfall, especially because they add fruits of the season and combined with cold afternoons and punch, they create the magic of the time, at least for me.

Raven: When you wear your cosplay outfit, do you feel you become the character?

Mina: Yes, when I wear cosplay, I automatically become the character, modeling allows you to shed your grief and arm yourself with the security that perhaps at other times, it would be difficult for you to show.

Raven: If you could give a gift full of coal to someone, who would it be?

Mina: To my ex-boss, I’d fill her department with coal.

Raven: Knowing you are a model, what sort of modeling have you done? 

Mina: I have modeled for streetwear, visual kei, and lolita catwalks, I modeled for some indie brands and my designs, I have also modeled lingerie and gothic clothing.

Raven: Sweet!

Raven: Is there a cosplay outfit you hate to wear but your fans love you?

Mina: I have a love-hate relationship with ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ and ‘Darling in the Franxxx’ plug suits. The fact of wearing tight and vinyl suits are suffocating, you sweat a lot and are very uncomfortable, but they are the ones that fans ask me to wear the most, Haha!

Raven: I’ve noticed most of your characters are Anime ones. 

Raven: Do you find these characters attract your attention to cosplay them?

Mina: Yes, most of the characters that I have made cosplay are from anime, many are girls with histrionic and persevering or sexy personalities, maybe it is a nod to my personality for what I like, but in 2021 my goal is to get various characters from DC Comics and Dark Horse! :3 Just wait for them.

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters Mina wants to become?

Mina: Both, a lot of my personality is like that of those characters, however, characters like 2B from ‘NieR: Automata’, Vincent from ‘Final Fantasy VII’, to name a few, I admire them because I aspire to have their mettle and seriousness from them.

Raven: What celebrity star would you love to see visit you on Christmas Eve?

Mina: Johnny Indovina from ‘Human Drama’ I’ve had a crush on him since I was 20.

Raven: Do you love to cosplay Cute or Sexy characters as well? Is there a cosplay you would love to do?

Mina: I love making characters that I identify with and some are sexy, although, in the case of gender bender, I make them my style, which is cute and sexy, Haha!

Raven: Is there a cosplay you would love to do?

Mina: Yes, Silk Specter from ‘Watchmen’! This is my golden dream, my dream cosplay.

Raven: Be careful when wearing Silk Specter. You are going hurt people by stopping traffic! 

Raven: Do you love doing photoshoots indoors or outdoors?

Mina: Depending on the theme, some cosplays require and that looks great indoors. With locations, others are perfect for outdoors, both styles are enchanting.

Raven: Are there any locations you love to photograph in? 

Mina: Yes, I would like to do a photo session in a Japanese tea house or in a location with that theme.

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying?

Mina: When I was a child, I read many books about the theater that my father owned. Pictures of the costumes inspired my half brother to become the first cosplayer in Mexico. Through his efforts, I was inspired by his works as well. Although I did a couple of characters in high school, it wasn’t until 2008, my friend Axel convinced me to formally cosplay.

Raven: If Santa Claus was real, what would Mina ask for this Christmas?

Mina: I would ask for good health.

Raven: What was your first character?

Mina: My first character was Death from ‘Sandman’, since I read that comic, I loved her personality and it was the first character I could do when I was in high school because I had similar clothes to the one she wore in the initial pilot, so mimic both the hairstyle and makeup It was simple, I even bought a cross like the one she carries.

Raven: When did you realize your cosplaying attire brought you a lot of attention?

Mina: Since I was a child, I think I would have been about 5 or 6 years old, I saw books on classical theater costumes, the complexity to make them, the details, the makeup and everything that is behind a characterization caught me, my dream was to create those costumes and wear them When I discovered comics and anime, I knew that I wanted to dress like my favorite characters.

Raven: Christmas elves decided to sew you a whole new cosplay outfit for one day, what outfits would you want them to create?

Mina: Jeanne d’Arc from ‘Fate’.

Raven: Here is a curious psychological question. Many fans want to see more of their favorite cosplayer do Lewd or Only Fans photos. 

Raven: Is this the new thing for cosplayers to do? 

Mina: I have seen that nowadays, many people have their Only Fans, both boys and girls, at the same time that they take sexy and spicy photos. I have also seen several boys and girls who, by doing sexy cosplay, and their self-esteem improved.

Raven: What is your opinion about women doing Lewd photography?

Mina: I think that is everyone’s personal decision if it is right or wrong. I could not offer or apply my valued judgment on the subject. Many people do it, at least in the world of cosplay. Many cosplayer celebrities carry out various personal projects thanks to the site, OnlyFans

Raven: Is there any profit to be made with Lewd shots?

Mina: The first instance, the monetary one, helps many of the cosplayers with their cosplay expenses. We can not forget that performing cosplays require great investment, of time, effort, dedication, and yes, lots of money. The revenue it generates makes it affordable to buy material for new costumes, props, or accessories and has helped immensely with the cost of travel expenses, as well as all those photo sessions, a cost cosplayer pays out of pocket.

Raven:  Should fans or you control what sort of photos your fans want you to be seen in? 

Mina: I believe that the sexy and the sexual content will always be present in any human activity and you have the option to monetize it.  

Mina: Overall, it depends on the cosplayers and their fans if they are going to support their favorite cosplayer’s projects. Doing sexy photos requires taking out that part of your personality and deciding whether to show it more or less. Some are more daring and those will make me work a little harder, Haha!

Raven: Did this ever happened. During the exchanging of gifts with friends, you mistakenly wrapped a very inappropriate gift to the wrong person?

Mina: Hahahaha, it wasn’t Christmas, it was Valentine’s Day, I wrapped a bra and a thong badly for a friend. When she took the gift, it unfolded, exposing its content to my classmates and the teacher. She and I were so shamefully embarrassed.

Raven: Have your fans been very supportive of all of your cosplay projects? 

Mina: The fans have been very supportive, thanks to them, my work as a cosplayer stands out. They encourage you and share your image on social media, but they never forget that their favorite cosplayer is a person with a mind and will of her own. 

Raven: Have they ever suggested a sort of character outfit you should wear? 

Mina: They can help you in some decisions and even do surveys in the ones that the fans vote to help you in your decisions, as a kind of marketing survey, but in personal decisions, you are the one who is in charge, if you lose control over that, we already talk about a bigger problem.

Raven: Was there ever an unusual request asked by a fan? If so, what? 

Mina: An unusual request, well, recently I am selling various old cosplay that I no longer use while others I plan to remake. So a fan-requested if I could sell him a suit after having used it. It was a whole lot of weird, Haha. I can’t say he was crazy, though I would say it was a bold request and quite a fetishist, Haha!

Raven: Are they CRAZY?

Mina: Hahaha no, it’s just a Pilia, Podophilia 😀 I have read of stranger Pilias, for example, Emetophilia. Do not investigate it or else you will not be able to sleep at night, Haha.

Raven: WARNING. She is not joking. This is not for the faint of Hearts.

Raven: What is your favorite Christmas song you love to sing every year?

Mina: ‘El niño del Tambor’ (Little Drummer Boy). Damn, I think I’m already humming it.

Raven: Did Mina del Angel ever give a gift to someone who loved it? 

Mina: Yes, I gave a gift to one of my followers one of my cosplay outfits. She wanted it and I would no longer use it so I decided to give it to her. Its been two years since that day, and she still becomes emotional whenever she remembers it. I think the suit is in the best hands.

Raven: Do you have any new outfits you are working on that will break the internet? 

Mina: Yes, it’s armor, I can’t reveal the character yet, but I hope to achieve it and make it look amazing.

Raven: Any word of advice you can give to new and inspiring cosplayers out there?

Mina: Do not be discouraged, practice, learn new techniques to perfect your costumes. Little by little, and do it calmly, there is no rush. Cosplay has no age, has no gender, nor any nationality. it is for everyone. Someone will notice your effort, and above all, have a lot of fun. Did I mention don’t forget to have fun?

Raven: When I ask for a Hug, does it mean I have Mother Issues? Can I still get a hug?

Mina: Mmm… If you’re my friend, yes. If you aren’t my friend, it’s very weird.

Raven: It’s closing time and I just want to thank Mina del Angel for being here and offering some Christmas cheer to everyone. This is a present worth unwrapping. 

Mina: Thank you Raven for having me do this Christmas-themed interview with you. And to everyone out there, a Feliz Navidad and un Buen Ano Nuevo 2021! 

Raven: If I could ask one more question, where can fans find more of Dollka-kat?

Mina: Of course, anything for your readers at Christmas time. Here are my sites: / Instagram / Facebook

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This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.

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