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interview with Fairy Devil Cosplay.

All I want for Christmas is my next Holiday interview shine like an ornament. My next interview came all the way from Hungary and she’s quite a treasure. A love for Christmas songs and watching romantic movies, cosplay Fairy Devil enjoys recreating anime characters to life for all to take pleasure. So if you should fall under her spell with those Emerald colored eyes, don’t be alarmed, it is just her alluring way. Now without a moment to share, show your love and affection to my next interview guest, please welcome Ms. Fairy Devil cosplay.

Raven: Welcome to my little universe, Fairy Devil Cosplay. Thank you so much for allowing this old retired elf to bring your inspiring life to others. The anticipation of this interview is like having one’s favorite cookies with milk within an arm’s reach. Yummie! 

Fairy.D: Thank you for having me. I am so excited to do this interview with you, Raven. 

Raven: As you may not know before starting all of my festive Holiday questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career.

Raven: I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them”.

Raven: Now with the stage set and the Christmas mood switched to full, let us begin. If you would be so kind, tell me all about yourself.

Fairy.D:  Hello everyone, I’m a Fairy Devil cosplay and I’m Hungarian, and I live in Budapest.

Raven: Your color eyes and hair?  

Fairy.D: I have green eyes and chestnut hair.

Raven: How tall are you? 

Fairy.D: 160cm (5’2’’).

Raven: Do you have a special talent or special ability that no one knows about? 

Fairy.D: I can sleep all day and still be tired. And also have tons of unfinished cosplays.

Raven: A real-life Sleeping Beauty

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages? 

Fairy.D: English and Japanese

Raven: Are you a graduate of any studies? 

Fairy.D: I will graduate in far east studies: Japanese next year.

Raven: Is Fairy Devil able to solve the Rubik’s Cube?

Fairy.D: No… ^^” But I do own one.

Raven: What sort of Nightmare before Christmas gift would you give to a loved one? 

Fairy.D: A pair of pajamas!

Raven: What does Mila love seeing during this Holiday Season? 

Fairy.D: My favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually.

Raven: What sort of surprise gift would Raven Steel find under his Christmas tree this year from Fairy Devil cosplay? 

Fairy.D: I hope you like mugs, because I love gifting geeky themed mugs. 😀

Raven: Is there a deep-dark secret you have been holding all these years and now are ready to confess (Just me being funny)? 

Fairy.D: I’m still terrified making phone calls. 

Raven: Can you call me? I just wanted to hear your terrified voice over the phone.

Raven: Is there a unique Fairy Devil Christmas family tradition? 

Fairy.D: We watch Love Actually every year.

Raven: What sort of places in Hungry would you show Raven Steel a good time? 

Fairy.D: I think the area near Lake Balaton is really beautiful and there are a lot of pretty spectacles!

Raven: What makes you a nerdy or geeky girl we all love? 

Fairy.D: I love playing video games (although very slow with them), painting Warhammer figurines, reading comics, and watching superhero movies/series. 

Raven: I just got my first D&D figurines because of my character, Fire Genosi. 

Raven: What got you into Cosplaying?

Fairy.D:  I always loved creating and being creative. Cosplaying involves painting, sculpting, sewing, wig styling, taking photos, modeling, so I can do a lot of different things in one hobby.

Raven: I’ve noticed many of your cosplays are Anime/Manga and DC characters. 

Raven: Are you attracted to these characters or something else? 

Fairy.D: I love these kinds of characters, but also the ones from video games, those just take more time to make.

Raven: What was the most embarrassing gift you got on Christmas Day? 

Fairy.D: A bath salt, because at that time we didn’t have a bathtub, just a shower.

Raven: How did you create your cosplayer name, Fairy Devil cosplay? 

Fairy.D: My favorite genre is fantasy, I love mythical creatures and also wanted to create something a bit unusual.

Raven: How do you feel cosplaying Dark, Bloody, or Gothic interest you doing them or just the cute and sexy ones?

Fairy.D:  I LOVE dark, bloody, and gothic characters, I have a lot in my cos-plans of those.

Raven: Is there a candy or dessert you crave during this Holiday season? 

Fairy.D: Poppy seed roll!

Raven: They must taste delicious! 

Raven: Is cosplaying in Hungry very popular? Is it widely accepted? Are fellow cosplayers help each other? 

Fairy.D: I think it is accepted, even though the media and some people still frown upon it. I like to think cosplayers help each other, but of course, not everyone is going to love each other. 🙂

Raven: What sort of places in Hungary have you done a photoshoot? 

Fairy.D: Mostly I did photoshoots in studios, but once I was in a big park and in an old, abandoned factory.

Raven: Are there any places in the world you would love to do a photoshoot in? 

Fairy.D: I really would like to do some in Japan, Russia, and Sweden.

Raven: Is there a Christmas gift you got that made you cry with JOY? 

Fairy.D: I got my computer for Christmas 5 years ago, 2 years ago I got a sewing class application and also 2 years ago my Mum made me a big box with my cosplay pictures on it. 

Fairy.D: I was given a lot of precious gifts all made with love.

Raven: Have you ever done or will do any Lewd, Spicy, or Fan Only photos/videos? 

Fairy.D: I did a lingerie photoshoot once. Never say never, but I’m not planning to do nude photoshoots.

Raven: Should women take part in this side of cosplaying? 

Fairy.D: I think everyone should do the things they love and are comfortable with. 🙂 

Raven: Is it for profit or for artistry for doing Lewds/Spicy photos? 

Fairy.D: I’m sure there are both kinds of people. Personally, I like to see artistic pictures more.

Raven: Do you wear Latex/Rubber costumes in your photo portfolio?

Fairy.D: Oh yes. I have some latex clothes already.

Raven: Is there a celebrity star you would be happy to kiss under the mistletoe? 

Fairy.D: I would kiss Benedict Cumberbatch on the cheeks for sure! 😀

Raven: Have you ever experienced any unusual requests (Bet it was Feet)? 

Fairy.D: I have very small toes, so my feet pictures wouldn’t be that aesthetic. 😀 

Fairy.D: Yes, I was asked several times to send private nude pictures to someone.

Raven: I’ve never been asked, but my nude photos are still available for Holiday cheer!

Raven: How easy/hard to find a good photographer in Hungary? 

Fairy.D: I think there are a lot of good photographers in Hungary, just a lot of them are not very popular, so it is maybe a bit hard to find most of them. 

Fairy.D: But I’m glad that I worked with some really amazing photographers.

Raven: How have your fans treated Fairy Devil cosplay overall? 

Fairy.D: Everyone is really kind.

Raven: Would you ever do cosplay with exotic animals like a Tiger or Leopard? 

Fairy.D: I would love to! But only if the animals are treated well and are comfortable with it.

Raven: Is working with other female cosplayers for photoshoots easy or hard to work? 

Fairy.D: It depends, I think. I only have a good experience, especially if I do a photoshoot with my best friends.

Raven: After breaking down your bedroom door, a killer Santa is about to attack you. Raven: What instrument/item would Fairy Devil pick up to defend herself with? 

Fairy.D: I would sleep through the encounter. 😀 But if not, I would Grabe!

Raven: What do you miss the most about cosplaying since the Pandemic? 

Fairy.D: I really miss conventions where I can hang out with my friends, and fangirl over beautiful cosplays. Also, it’s a good source of motivation.

Raven: Was there ever a cosplay that your fans loved but hated to wear? 

Fairy.D: Magma Lux was really uncomfortable. 

Raven: What cosplay character would you love being for the rest of your life? 

Fairy.D: Lilith from Diablo4, or V from Cyberpunk (There are cosplays in progress) But from the finished ones: Harley Quinn!

Raven: If possible to give back all the appreciation from your fans, what sort of gift would you give them? 

Fairy.D: I always hold a giveaway if the number of my followers increases by a thousand. There were some print giveaways, a wig giveaway, and soon, will do a cute animal-ear giveaway.

Raven: Hired to give gifts to little children, what cosplayer outfit would you wear for that event? 

Fairy.D: I would make a Christmas-elf/Santa-helper cosplay or a Disney princess.

Raven: How supportive has your friends, family, and/or loved one has been to you? 

Fairy.D: They have been very supportive, and in addition, I’ve met some of my best friends through cosplay.

Raven: What is the #1 Christmas song you would sing all day long?

Fairy.D: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Raven: We have to do a duet someday!

Raven: This is probably the most important question to ask, Can I get a Hug? 

Fairy.D: YES! That question is very important, because not everyone is comfortable hugging a stranger, or there are some fragile parts of cosplay that don’t allow that. 

Fairy.D: But there is absolutely no harm in asking, just respect the answer. For beginner models, you can always say NO. As a photographer any suggestions you are not comfortable with, you can always say NO as well. 

Fairy.D: To cosplayers: creating cosplay wear takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged. And it’s also okay if you buy your cosplays instead of making them.

Raven: As the snowflakes fall over this night of wonder, I want to give a huge thank you to Fairy Devil cosplay for taking her time and effort to be here with me. May all of your cosplay outfits be free from complications. 

Fairy.D: Thank you Raven for giving me this wonderful opportunity. You will always be my Christmas ornament on my tree. 

Raven: Thank you. I’ve never been an ornament before. If I could ask you one final question, where can readers find more of Fairy Devil cosplay? 

Fairy.D: Well for you and your readers, of course.  Here are my websites.

Facebook page:

Instagram page:

Ko-fi page:


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This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.

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