Classic Catwoman and Lex Luthor Figures by Gentle Giant!


If you are a fan of the old school Classic Lex Luthor and you like the look of Catwoman from Batman The Animated Series, then you are going to be stoked about the new 12 inch figures of these two characters that will be coming from Gentle Giant. Check out the images and details on these offerings below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Fans of classic Kenner DC Comics Figures are in for a treat. Gentle Giant has revealed their next two DC Jumbo 12″ Classic Kenner Figures. One is coming from Batman The Animated Series line and the other from the DC Super Powers line.

Catwoman Jumbo Figure – Batman: The Animated Series – $90
In the fall of 1992, a new animated series debuted from Warner Bros. Animation on weekday afternoons. It would go on to leave a lasting impact on one of DC’s most enduring franchises. Gentle Giant Ltd. celebrates this much loved television show with our Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman jumbo figure. Based on digital scans of the original 1993 Kenner 5” action figure, this jumbo figure stands 11” tall in 1/6 scale. Every detail is meticulously re-created from the original figure, capturing perfectly the design aesthetic and tone of the series embodied in Batman’s feline nemesis! To further capture the vintage feel, Gentle Giant has packaged Catwoman with a retro-inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork. Designed with the collector in mind, each jumbo figure comes in a protective re-sealable plastic outer clam shell. Re-live a part of Batman history and afternoon nostalgia with Gentle Giant Ltd.’s Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman jumbo figure.

Release Date: TBA

Lex Luthor Jumbo Figure – Super Powers Collection – $90
In 1984, Kenner began to release the next of their extremely popular action figure lines, the DC Super Powers Collection! This line included heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many more. Gentle Giant is proud to announce the Lex Luthor jumbo figure as the next release in this stunning line of retro figures. This Lex Luthor jumbo figure was developed using state of the art 3D technology. Gentle Giant has taken the original DC Super Powers Lex Luthor and created a highly accurate digital model with the use of 3D scanners. This digital model was then scaled to 12 inches tall, and then printed using top of the line 3D Systems printers. These pieces are then used in manufacturing to produce extremely accurate, scaled replicas. The DC Super Powers Collection jumbo figures from Gentle Giant are made from high quality vinyl and ABS plastic parts. Many of the figures also include fabric capes and accessories. Finally, these incredible figures feature retro art packaging, and come in a protective re-sealable blister pack.

Release Date: Q2 2016

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