Classics Technodrome, Bodysuit Krang Coming?


If you are a fan of the Classics Ninja Turtles line, todays news is going to blow your mind. There is a chance that we could see the most exciting Ninja Turtles Toy releases since the 1980’s! Check out all the details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Powercon was earlier this month but since Ninja Turtles are popular around here we’d be remiss to overlook these nuggets of information. Grizzly over at the Technodrome forums has posted snippets from his interview with Playmates Toys. Evidently the brand seems to be doing very well as we might have some very exciting toys to look forward to:

–Classics line is doing extremely well, and is going to be continuing beyond the Movie Turtles. Have wanted to work on the line for a long time.

–A LARGE Bodysuit Krang in Classics is being heavily looked at. Shredder/Splinter were not denied by Pat Linden.

–1990 Turtles HAVE been sculpted, and are in Hong Kong being tooled right now. Due for release next July/August in time for the new movie. They will also have the same amount of articulation as the current Classics (including fingers).

–Kirby Bat has been confirmed as being…well. You know who.

–Mutagen Man will come with ooze that can be put into him, with a button feature that with cause it to come out of his hand.

–Hinted Kraang Prime. LOTS of new characters coming out.

–They ARE working on the new movie. Aimed with both kids, and collectors in mind. Toys and movie will cause everyone to “to be pleasantly surprised amount of detail, articulation, and overall look of the characters, too. Looking very forward to launching the movie segment”.

–Sewer playset for the Nick line has paid off well. Given that, more playsets ARE coming. Technodrome strongly hinted at.

–Don’t count on larger characters being re-released as deluxes, such as Dogpound, Leatherhead, and Spider Bites. It HAS been discussed, but retail doesn’t want it. Doesn’t mean they won’t TRY, but for now, they’re set in their scale.

–If Classics continues to do well, a Party Van in scale could be a possibility.

It’s a good time to be a Ninja Turtles fan right now, and evidently it’ll be even better in the future!


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