Code Name: new2vero2 Presents ‘GIJOE NES Game Recap, Why It’s a Hidden Gem’!

We take a look at a often overlooked NES ( Nintendo) Game. The G.I. Joe Game. I will share some of the back story on WHY this game TOOK FOREVER TO COME OUT.

We will also feature play through and highlight all the BOSS you will engage. As much as I am G.I.JOE Fan/ can see from my videos I am a “RETRO” collector. So click/plugin/ and let’s take a trip back to unearth this cult classic. I have to be honest, IF this game was released during the NES PRIME, it would be more recognizable. Depending on your point of view it is either sadly under the rug hidden jem OR a G.I.JOE fan’s best kept secret. 

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