CODE NAME: NEW2VERO2 RECAPS ‘Agent Helix Origin’s from Silent Options!’

In my quest to get old school G.I.Joe fans to start reading the new IDW G.I.Joe comics I really feel I don’t have to do much. Legend Larry Hama’s work speaks for itself. A lot of old school fans are immediately turned off with the mere mention of new modern character .

But, if we want G.I.Joe to live on, we have to give them a chance, and so far I have been blown away by the new characters! The other notion is the SJW factor. We all know how terrible Disney has been in shoving that concept down our throats, going after ‘the white male’. Ok im a “brown male”, and it sucks! Not because of females, LGBTQ, Muslims/Hispanics as the sometimes face of a book, but because the Stories suck Period! Ghostbusters 2017 was bad ( and I love ALL the females on SNL, Force Awakens/Last Jedi (broke my heart on how terrible it was) etc!

But, here we have Larry Hama, three women, Dawn Moreno-New Snake Eyes, Bombstrike, and Agent Helix. All of them are so well done. It does not matter that they are females . They are Females Kicking Butt! 

So for this week’s episode, we return to the Silent Options storyline, and check out the Series at the end of each comic showcasing the Agent Helix origin. You WILL be impressed with the story, and pay attention to General Hawk to see what kinda bastard he is! Be sure and MAKE THE JUMP to the forums after you watch and join in the conversation!

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