Codename:New2Vero2 Reviews Tarot ‘Krampus’!

Hey gang, many of you have requested ANOTHER Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Video. I’m sure there are DD reasons to like this comic.
Artist Jim Balent SHOULD have been up there with the other iconic Artist names like Lee and Mcfarlene in my opinion.

Tarot is a little tough to recap, as much as everyone would like, I can’t post girls with BIG Boobs all over Youtube. Here is the thing with
Tarot, girls make up 60% of the readers of this comic. So with X-mas and the holidays around the corner, I decided to focus on an annual story line
featuring the Krampus. After checking this out your gonna think twice on what list you wanna be on. Check out the video in the player below then MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and join in the conversation. And as always be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my latest videos!


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