“Color Image” of Upcoming Masterpiece Wheeljack!


Today we have a first look at the very awesome upcoming Masterpiece Wheeljack figure. The detail and craftsmanship are definitely what we have come to expect from the Masterpiece line. Check out the image of the figure below and let us know what you think AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com)

Thanks to Cybergundam and TAG Hobby we have scans from Figure King magazine issue 194, showing our first full color shots of Masterpiece Wheeljack, as well as a small shot of his Amazon Japan exclusive accessory Hypno-Chip Disruptor. Also seen in the scans are the vehicle form for Masterpiece Spike’s Exosuit, and a full page showing off Movie Advanced Series Optimus Prime, the TakaraTomy equivalent to our Generations Movie series, plus art related to the development of Masterpiece Star Saber, and a silhouette teaser to remind us Ultra Magnus will also be happening at some point.


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