Confirmation B.J. Novak is Allistair Smythe in Spider-Man 2!


Confirmation has come down that the role that B.J.Novak will play in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Allistair Smythe son of scientist Spencer Smythe who created the original Spider-Slayers in The Amazing Spider-Man Comics. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Spencer Smythe created the first wave of Spider-Slayers, while his son – Alistair – would later take up that mantle in a bid to get revenge against Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson for the death of his father. Whether this is a cameo or we’ll actually see the Spider-Slayers play a role in this movie remains to be seen, but be do know that he works at OsCorp…



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