Critic Review Round Up! ‘DC Injustice: Gods Among Us’


Well my friends ,after months of talk of roster additions,story trailers,and game play videos,it’s time to finally shut the hell up and open up a can of ass whoop and start serving it buffet style to gamers online across the world. If you ever wanted to finally take that nicely tailor made 12 in batboot and shove it firmly up Supermans boyscout candy ass….then now is the time to head to your local retailer and look that register boy firmly in the eyes and say “one copy of DC: Injustice: Gods Among Us and make it snappy!” followed by a “Hell Yeah!”DC Injustice: Gods Among Us is available today! Enjoy the critic review round up and read and see for yourself just how amazing this game is. Join in the Discussion after the Jump!




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