DC Comics Announces New ‘Hannah Barbara’ Line!


Imagine if you could go to your local Comic Shop and pick up issues of comics with ‘Scooby Do‘, ‘Space Ghost‘, ‘The Flintstones‘ and more. DC Comics has announced that they are doing something really exciting, they are bringing all of your favorite Hannah Barbara cartoon characters to the pages of their comic books. Check out all the details on the new DC Comics Hannah Barbara line below, and let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Right now, DiDio and Lee can only speak for the initial line-up of titles. But might there be more Saturday morning fun in the future? “There’s a deep, deep bench of wonderful characters in the Hanna-Barbera library we’d love to get involved in, so this is just the first step into a very steep pool,” reveals DiDio.

“And there are certain things you can do in longform serialized content that you can’t do in other media,” adds Lee. “And we want to take advantage of that and give our creators the freedom to take chances with these characters in a way you might not see in other media. I think that’s the fun of working in comics.”

And the fun of working on a project that’s close to the hearts of those who create it. Both Lee and DiDio don’t take for granted how lucky they are to be involved.

“This is just a lot of fun for us,” DiDio says. “We put out a lot of great superhero fare, we put out some crazy issues in our Vertigo universe, but this is something who really appeals to a mass audience — people who grew up with these characters — and we’re hopefully building a whole new generation to have that same level of love that we have for them.”

Source Entertainment Weekly


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