DC Comics Bringing Major Changes to Superman and Batman?


It is always important to keep iconic Comic Book characters fresh, modernize the continuity, and come up with new and exciting ideas. If you can do these things without destroying the virtues and qualities that made a character great to begin with, then you are a genius. Otherwise you are just pandering to try and make money. In the latest news DC Comics is planning on bringing more major changes to Batman and Superman. To find out which category these changes fall into, check out the latest below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: comicbook.com)

Spinning out of its Divergence Free Comic Book Day Preview, DC Comics has confirmed massive changes for its two greatest icons: Batman and Superman.


In the issue’s Batman story, a sneak of what’s to come in Batman #41, storytellers Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo confirmed that Commissioner Gordon has indeed replaced Bruce Wayne as Gotham City’s Batman. The development springs out of the events of Batman: Endgame, where Batman and Joker perished beneath a mountain of rubble. While a resurrection for Wayne seems imminent, Snyder himself confirmed that Batman is certainly dead for now. Indeed, the preview story makes mention that Gotham hasn’t seen the original Batman in months.


Filling in for Bruce Wayne, Gordon will fight crime in a Gotham City Police Department-sponsored robotic Batman suit, and sport a groomed new look (we’ll miss the mustache).


Meanwhile, in the pages of Superman, incoming writer Gene Luen Yang and artist John Romita Jr. revealed that Superman’s secret identity as Clark Kent is now public knowledge. And it wasn’t Lex Luthor or Brainiac who spilled the Kryptonian beans, but Superman’s former friend, Lois Lane. The revelation certainly explains Superman’s new look, which is far more subtle any of his previous costumes. We guess bright red capes might be faux paux when trying to go incognito.

DC promises to explore both storylines in full this coming June, when their Divergence event revamps the entire DC Universe publishing line. Jim Gordon Batman makes his debut in Batman #41, while the exposed Superman appears in Superman #41.

What do you think of Batman and Superman’s overhauls? Let us know in the comments below.

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