DC Plans ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ and ‘Teen Titans Animated Films in 2017!


DC and Warner Brothers Animation have announced that they are going to be releasing three new animated films that will involve some of our favorite characters. Get ready for ‘Batman and Harley Quinn‘ and ‘Teen Titans‘ as well as ‘Justice League Dark‘. If these are as good as ‘Batman: The Killing Joke‘ fans are going to be thrilled! The ‘Teen Titans‘ film is said to be titled ‘Teen Titans: The Judas Contract‘ and is based around the Comic Book series by the same name. Secondly, we will be seeing ‘John Constantine‘ making his way to the animated universe in the new film, ‘Justice League Dark‘. Finally is ‘Batman and Harley Quinn. This film is based on an original story by DC animation guru Bruce Timm. It sounds like DC is not going to be disappointing on the animation front in 2017. Are you excited for these offerings? Let us know below.

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