DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Looking to add John Constantine This Season!

The CW has already had Matt Ryan reprise his role as John Constantine on ‘Arrow‘, now Legends of Tomorrow show runners are working to add him to the cast for this season. Fans have been clamoring for John Constantine to have his own series, but as a regular on Legends of Tomorrow, he would get plenty of air time. Check out what we know so far on this below, and let us know if you want to see this happen AFTER THE JUMPDC’s Legends of Tomorrow kicks off its third season on Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm Central on the CW

Upcoming storylines see the Legends visiting Ray’s childhood where, Klemmer teases, the audience “sort of get underneath [Ray’s] skin a little bit, and we sort of figure out the pathology behind [his] optimism. There’s a bit of a sadness to [his] childhood, and we realize that you are hiding some darkness.”

Additionally, Paul Blackthorne is hoped to appear as Quentin Lance in Season 3, episode 5 (though that’s not officially locked in), and Wentworth Miller is coming back as a “bizarro” version of Captain Cold. Klemmer confirms they’re still actively campaigning for Matt Ryan’s Constantine to appear on Legends of Tomorrow as well.

Source: IGN

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