DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Sn #7 Wentworth Miller to Return for 100th Episode!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fans have a very warm spot in their hearts for Wentworth Miller’s character, Captain Cold. And, in a special treat for fans Miller will be returning for a special guest appearance in the upcoming 100th episode of the show. In addition, we have a second new clip showing some new footage for the upcoming season. Check it out below and share your thoughts. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will kick off its 7th season on Wednesday, October 13th on The CW!

Towards the end of season 6, we see the Legends retaliate against Bishop’s master plan as Sara and Ava break some rules to put an end to the misery. The team takes a huge blow after Constantine’s death which prompts them to disregard everything despite the consequences involved. Moreover, interesting things happen at the “Avalance” wedding, which is disrupted by a well-known enemy. Sara gets abducted by a pro-alien villain who claims to have foreseen the end of humanity.

The new character, Dr. Gwyn Davies, might be exactly what the Legends have been looking for! Speaking of Matt’s latest endeavor, series co-creator Phil Klemmer said he is excited to have fun discovering how this new character fits in and ruffles some feathers! The upcoming iteration of the show might have more dangerous adventures awaiting the group of heroes.


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