DC’s Teen Titans are returning This July with New Team!


All of you DC fans out there will be excited to know that Teen Titans is coming back to TV, this time with an all new roster. Check out the news on the new show below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: newsarama)

The current Teen Titans comic may be ending later this month, but the title won’t be gone for long.

In July, writer Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort will relaunch Teen Titans with a new #1 — and a team that includes Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. According to DC, the new team’s members will offer “bold, exciting and sometimes dangerous ideas” on how to protect a world full of superpowered teens.

Teen Titans last relaunched with a new #1 issue in September 2011, as part of the New 52 reboot. While that relaunch completely changed the heroes of the Titans, this new series will carry on the continuity that’s already established — but will bring a new direction and approach to the young heroes and their mission.

Pfeifer will take over Titans after his current three-issue run on Red Hood and the Outlaws ends in May. (In fact, DC is playing a bit of switcheroo with the two titles’ writers, as current Teen Titans scribe Scott Lobdell takes over Red Hood in June, while current Red Hood scribe Pfeifer lands on the new Teen Titans in July.)

Previously best known for his runs on titles like Catwoman and Aquaman, Pfeifer has been away from comics for years until just recently recruited by DC. Newsarama talked to the writer about relaunching the comic, the make-up of this new team — and why there are no Flash or Superman characters in his Teen Titans………..


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