Dean Cain Wants A ‘Lois & Clark’ Revival Series!

As fans of Supergirl saw this season, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher still have a lot of magic on TV. Now, Dean Cain has said in a recent interview that he would like to see some sort of Lois & Clark revival. For those who don’t know Lois & Clark ended after 4 seasons on ABC almost 20 years ago. But, there was always plans to have a 5th season. With the popular climate of Super Hero shows now, it would be the perfect time to see some kind of Louis & Clark revival. But don’t take my word for it, check out what Dean Cain had to say on the subject, and let us know what you think AFTER THE JUMP.
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“Well, you know what, we ended our show after four seasons in a weird way because we’re supposed to do a fifth season. Teri [Hatcher] got pregnant in between and couldn’t work on that fifth season so they decided to shut it down. I would have liked to done that fifth season, I think we still need a fifth season, we need something, at least part of a fifth season. So I’m hoping that we get a chance to maybe finish up the series. Maybe it’s six episodes, maybe it’s ten episodes, maybe it’s a two-hour movie, but I think it would be really interesting to catch up with these two characters twenty years down the line and see what’s happened in their lives. If they have had children or what’s going on with their kids, I think it’s really interesting and I’m certainly willing to. Teri says she is willing to so we’ll see if that can happen, somebody out there from Warner Bros: make that happen, let’s go!”

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