DeNA and Hasbro Partner On Free-to-Play GI JOE Mobile Game


Fans of G.I.Joe related games will be thrilled to know that DeNA and Hasbro are working together to bring you a a “Free-To-Play” G.I.Joe Mobile Game. Details are still few, but it sounds very promising! Join in the Discussion after the JUMP!

(Source:yojoe via facebook)

DeNA Co. announced today it is collaborating with Hasbro on a new free-to-play G.I. Joe mobile game. In G.I. Joe: Battleground players lead and assemble teams of iconic G.I. Joe heroes and Cobra villains to battle against each other. The mobile game is being developed and published by DeNA and they will be available on the company’s Mobage mobile social games platform later this year for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

To pre-register for G.I. Joe: Battleground and receive a free exclusive in-game Storm Shadow collectible character to join your team, please enter your email address on the game’s website:


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