Disney May Be Next In Line To Try And Acquire Warner Bros. And DC Comics In Merger

Fox’s Rupert Murdoch tried and failed to buy Time Warner, and while China’s richest man is now said to be looking to add the company to his empire. However, Walt Disney have also been mentioned as a potential buyer! Will we soon have the Marvel/DC Cinematic Universe?!



When Rupert Murdoch tried to buy Time Warner, we jokingly speculated that a merger could potentially lead to a movie featuring the Justice League and X-Men (though there’s really no reason why that couldn’t have happened had the $80 billion bid been accepted). However, the Marvel and DC Universe becoming one could actually be one step closer as The Hollywood Reporter names Walt Disney as a potential buyer – along with Google and Apple – should China’s wealthiest man Wang Jianlin fail to add the company to his empire.

“The prospect of combining Disney’s Marvel with Time Warner’s DC Comics might be too compelling to ignore,” the site states, adding, “Plus CNN would give Disney the cable news asset it lacks. Disney’s market cap as of Aug. 8 was $149 billion compared with Time Warner’s $63 billion, which gives Disney CEO Bob Iger more leverage than Murdoch might have had.”


Though it’s on a much larger scale, Disney could then bring both Warner Bros. and DC Comics under their control with the likes of Lucasfilm, Marvel and Pixar.

Could that mean that Batman and Spider-Man will share the same comic book universe while Captain America and Superman battle it out on the big screen?

The logistics of such a merger are hard to figure out, but it sounds like a possibility.

What do you guys think?


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