DuckTales Remastered The Game Coming This August!


Oh don’t pretend like you didn’t run home after school everyday to watch DuckTales, I know I sure did. Awesome news today being reported fromCapcom. On August 13th, DuckTales Remastered will be available for digital download for Nintendo eShop on Wii U, PC, and Playstation Network for $14.99. The Xbox Live Arcade will also have it available on September 11th. In addition, for the die hard collectors, there will be a hard disc copy with a cool collectors pin available on August 20th. Also be sure to check out a series of “”duckumentaries” .


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Capcom is set to take its dive in Scrooge’s money vault starting next month with digital and retail releases. If you want to play it as soon as its available though, your platform selection won’t be entirely open.

On August 13, DuckTales Remastered will arrive on PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop on Wii U, and PC. Xbox Live Arcade will join the party on September 11.

For those looking for something a bit more tangible, a retail PlayStation 3 release is coming on August 20. It will include a download code and a DuckTales collector pin, and come with a $5 premium price increase over the $14.99 online purchase.

In the first of a series of “duckumentaries,” you’ll see how developer Wayforward is approaching level design, an updated art style, and capturing the feel of the original DuckTales cartoon.


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