Ethan Hawke May Play Doctor Strange, Because Dreams Do Come True


Doctor Strange is coming. On this, we can bet big money. Marvel President Kevin Feige has expressed great interest (numerous times) in bringing the sorcerer to the big screen in a Marvel movie, preferably as part of the Universe’s Phase Three. We thought we’d know by now who will be playing Dr. Stephen Strange in the standalone movie, but behind-the-scenes wranglings have prevented that reveal… until now.

Joaquin Phoenix’s name has been attached to the role Doctor Strange for some time now, but the Web site ThisIsInfamous now floats the rumor that the part has been offered to Ethan Hawke, and that the Boyhood star accepted over the weekend. Allegedly, Hawke is hammering out final negotiation points, which would include “a six-picture deal” which will be finalized and announced “soon enough.”

This isn’t THAT far-fetched, if only because Marvel has hired director Scott Derrickson to helm its Doctor Strange movie, and Ethan Hawke collaborated with the director on Sinister back in 2012.

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