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“Exciting New ThunderCats Comic Series by Declan Shalvey & Drew Moss: A Dynamic Collaboration with Dynamite Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery in 2024”

In a surprising turn of events, Dynamite Entertainment has secured a noteworthy deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, raising eyebrows among industry insiders and prompting curiosity from Marvel and DC. This intriguing partnership will see Dynamite embark on an exciting journey, commencing in February 2024, with the release of a brand-new ThunderCats comic. This comic, which serves as an origin story, will be crafted by none other than Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss, known for their work on Moon Knight.

The ThunderCats franchise, with its rich history and enduring popularity, is set to make a triumphant return in this forthcoming series. Promising to delve deep into the origins of these iconic characters, the narrative will unfold in the earliest days on Third Earth, bringing fresh and exciting perspectives to the beloved world of ThunderCats.

But that’s not all—Dynamite Entertainment’s ambitious lineup doesn’t stop at ThunderCats. Fans can look forward to a resurgence of their favorite classic characters, including The Flintstones, The Powerpuff Girls, Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, The Wizard of Oz, and We Bare Bears. The inclusion of these cherished properties in the Dynamite portfolio signifies a commitment to delivering fresh, innovative, and nostalgia-inducing content to comic enthusiasts.

Notably, Mark Russell, a celebrated creator known for his work with Dynamite, might even consider returning to the Flintstones comic that catapulted his name to fame during his tenure at DC Comics.

Nick Barrucci, the visionary leader of Dynamite, has expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery. He acknowledged Warner Bros.’ century-long influence in the world of entertainment, recognizing the multitude of cherished stories and franchises that have emerged from their creative powerhouse. Barrucci emphasized the thrill of bringing these beloved properties back to life in the form of comics, either reintroducing them to dedicated fans or capturing the imaginations of a new generation of readers.

The ThunderCats franchise, created by Tobin Wolf, first burst onto the scene with a popular animated series that ran from 1985 to 1989. This series was animated by the Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation and co-produced by Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment. Notably, the show was closely tied to a line of action figures produced by LJN. ThunderCats later experienced revivals in 2011 and 2020, with ThunderCats Roar marking the most recent iteration.

The ThunderCats universe has ventured into the realm of comics on multiple occasions. In the past, Marvel Comics published a ThunderCats-licensed comic aimed at younger readers through its Star Comics imprint. This comic series proved to be a success, running for over two years. Simultaneously, Marvel UK launched its own weekly ThunderCats comic, offering fans in the United Kingdom a unique experience for three years.

In 2002, the ThunderCats franchise was taken under the wings of Wildstorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics, with ThunderCats aficionado Jim Lee overseeing a series of comics and one-shots. A decade later, Marvel UK and Panini Comics entered the scene, publishing a new series that tied in with a then-new ThunderCats television series.

The collaboration between Dynamite Entertainment and Warner Bros. Discovery marks a significant moment in the comic book industry, promising a fresh and compelling take on the ThunderCats and other beloved franchises. With creators of the caliber of Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss at the helm, fans have every reason to be excited about the future of these iconic properties in the world of comics.

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