Fan’s Request: Tom Welling Be Cast in The Flash or Arrow!


The popularity of the DC Comics TV series ‘The Flash‘ and ‘Arrow‘ are on a major uptick. But, both of those shows owe a lot to the show that opened the doors for them to get made. That being Smallville. The popularity of Tom Welling as Clark Kent has not waned since the show ended its ten year run back in 2011. Fans today more than ever want to see Tom Welling reprise his role as Clark Kent in the ever growingDC TV Universe. At this point, many fans would be happy simply to see him return and even play a new role on ‘The Flash‘, ‘Arrow‘, or the upcoming ‘Supergirl‘ series.

So as an open letter to the writers and producers of these shows, the fans say, bring back Tom Welling. Seeing as how he is not busy on any current projects it seems it would not be difficult to bring him on board if even for a cameo appearance. It has worked out very well bringing in another former Superman Actor, ‘Brandon Routh‘ to play The Atom on ‘Arrow‘, so adding Tom Welling would be a smart play on the networks part.

Do you want to see Tom Welling return to the DC TV Universe? Sound off, make your voice heard and let the networks know your feelings AFTER THE JUMP!


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