Fantastic Four Movie Plot “Origin Reboot” Debunked!


Story Courtesy of Serpentorslair Staffer Tiberius

According to the latest news regarding a story we shared earlier today about a possible origin reboot for the Fantastic Four in their new movie coming from Fox, there will actually be no reboot, at least not yet. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


There sure have been a lot of rumors about the Fantastic Four movie lately. Are any of them actually true, though?

Is anyone else really surprised that Reed Richards and company have suddenly found themselves in the speculative limelight? Considering the quality of every feature-length incarnation for the team, it’s hard to imagine anyone having faith that things will finally turn out right. But leave it to comic geeks. We are the eternal optimists, and so we always hope that Stan Lee’s answer to theJustice League will finally get its true day in the sun.

Recently we heard a crazy rumor that the Fantastic Four would be getting a radically reinventedorigin story, one that involves Ben Grimm and Reed Richards transforming as kids rather than adults. A spaceship exposed to cosmic rays? Not this time.

For the purists, that rumor was unwelcome, especially after multiple movies that had already gone so far left field of the actual origin. But, according to director Josh Trank, that rumor is just that — a rumor. Trank was quick to respond to the alleged synopsis on Twitter.


And while it’s certainly possible that Trank could be fibbing, we’re hoping this tweet is on the level. All those casting rumors involving young actors do suggest some changes to the origin, but we’d like to think Trank wouldn’t be willing to make alterations that are so drastic that the team would be utterly unrecognizable from their comic-book counterparts.

Are you glad to hear this bullet might’ve (hopefully) been dodged?


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