“February” Serpentorslair Hall of Fame Custom’s Contest!


Our Second Nominee this Week for Best Figure in the February Serpentorslair Hall of Fame Custom’s Contest is Ska_Lives for his custom Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid 1. Be sure and make the JUMP and let Ska_Lives know how much we appreciate his great work. In the meantime read the awesome bio for his custom below!

After the dissolution of the Fox Hound team following the events of Shadow Moses, Snake went into a brief retirement. This was not to last very long, because he was requested to join the Joe team for a series of high profile sneaking missions. Snake is a master of CQC combat and various weapons, however the FAMAS rifle and SOCOM silenced pistol are his mainstays. When an unnamed member of the Joe team asked Hawk why this guy and not Snake Eyes or one of the ninjas? Snake overheard and responded “Ninjas? Let me TELL you about a Ninja…”



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