First Look From the Set of ‘Star Trek: Beyond’!


We have heard a lot of chatter and rumors regarding the upcoming movie, ‘Star Trek: Beyond‘. What we have not had however is much in the way of solid news or leaks. Finally today we have some details from the set and filming of the movie, which will give you the first look at what is happening. Check out all the latest details below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Check out a first look above from the set of Star Trek Beyond featuring the cast of the Enterprise in addition to an alien.

Details are slim on the plot but it’s been said this film takes the crew out into space.

Star Trek Beyond has been filming in Vancouver for the last month, but has been doing most of its work indoors, where prying eyes can’t get an early look at the new costumes and new characters. Well, that all changed this week as director Justin Lin took the Star Trek cast and crew outside to shoot a big action scene and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the film, including the new Starfleet uniforms and a major new character in the franchise!

Star Trek Beyond has a July 8, 2016 release directed by Justin Lin starring Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Sofia Boutella and Idris Elba.

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