FOX Looking to Dump Fantastic Four Director and More!


Well well well, how the mighty have fallen. Looks like Fox is looking to replace Director Joshua Trank and Sript Writer Simon Kinberg… PLUS RECAST! I am sure this news is going to bring much joy to Marvel Movie fans everywhere, as all of the news coming out about this movie had everyone in serious uproar! You can chime in your thoughts after the JUMP! 

Special thanks to Serpentorslair Member Tiberius for the Story!


I’ve learnt from a rather well-connected source that, as the title says, Fox has dumped Fantastic Four director Joshua Trank and the script by Simon Kinberg and are actively looking for replacements. Six months before they are due to shoot, for 2015 release.

Oh, yes, and there are now casting issues from the studio too.

No I don’t know any more. Isn’t that enough?

I know. Maybe they could ask their Official Consultant, Mark Millar…


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