G.I.Joe 1988 Vehicles Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m talking 1988 G.I.Joe vehicles as a whole. This year had a lot of futuristic vehicles but there was an awesome line up of staple vehicles. The Warthog was a really cool military based vehicle and came with an awesome SGT. Slaughter with a removable hat. The Rolling Thunder is an awesome vehicle and I am working on a full discussion on it for the near future. The Desert Fox is one I recently did a discussion on and just a cool vehicle all around.

The Phantom X-19 is one of my favorite jets. I had this one as a kid and it just a nice piece. The Skystorm is an under rated vehicle in my opinion. I had one as a kid and I have always loved this one. The Tiger Force had several vehicles this year that are all really cool and I love the Tiger Force vehicles as a whole. Tiger Cat, Tiger Fly, Tiger Paw, Tiger Rat, and Tiger Shark are one cool set to have. There is also the Night Force vehicles, Night Blaster, Night Raider, Night Shade, Night Storm, and Night Striker. All were repainted vehicles but they look really cool. Then there is the Mean Dog. I did have this one and it is a nice vehicle, with some high level fire power. The RPV is a cool small vehicle that I do have in my collection.

I know there is not a lot of fans of the Swampmasher but this is a vehicle that is pretty cool to me and I have a couple in my collection. The Cobra lineup from this year was also very nice. Well I’m not sure what the Cobra Battle Barge is all about but its an interesting looking piece. The Cobra Adder is a cool rocket launching vehicle. The Cobra Imp is similar to the Adder and is a missile launching vehicle. The missiles are one of the coolest designs they ever equipped a vehicle with. I never had an Imp but I’ve always loved the Adder. The Stellar Stiletto is a cool space ship and I recently did a write up on it. The Cobra Bugg is another vehicle I did a full write up on and it is eccentric but a nice piece.

The AGP came with a cool pilot and I have never had this vehicle but I may look into getting one. The Demon is a large vehicle that is pretty cool looking. I had a chance to buy an incomplete one last year although it is cool I think I want a complete one if I get one. The Destro’s Despoiler is a small personal vehicle that looks cool, but I don’t own one so I’m not sure without having it in hand. There are also a number of motorized backpack and vehicles that are kind of weird and kind of cool I don’t have any and probably won’t be hunting them down any time soon. Cobra Machine Gun Nest, Cobra Twin Missile Radar, Dreadnok Battle Axe, Joe Double Machine Gun, Joe Mine Sweeper, Joe Mortar Launcher, Joe Scuba Pack, Joe Tank Car, Joe ATV, Cobra Rocket Sled, and Cobra Gyrocopter were part of the lineup but I’m not sure who has many of these in their collection. The also did a mail away offer for the red Fire Bat and the Vamp Mark II. What is your favorite 1988 vehicle? Which ones sis you have as a kid? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.



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