G.I.Joe ‘1989 Vehicles’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m bringing the end of an era. G.I.Joe had reigned number 1 in 1980’s toys. The characters, figures, and vehicles left an impression so large that today there are millions of collectors. I think back of some of my favorite years such as 1985 and wonder where the time went. So many awesome figures and vehicles but the memories created with my brothers and friends and the people I have met in the collecting world is the reason I love G.I. Joe so much. 1989 was a very good year for Joes. It was the last year I would receive G.I. Joe vehicles for Christmas.

The very last vehicle I got as a kid is one I still have in my possession in fair condition. The Crusader is still one of my favorite Joe vehicles of all time. This is a large vehicle but still small enough to display. I love space and I love this shuttle. The Mudfighter is a small bomber that came with a cool pilot. I had one as a kid and like the unique design. I have 2 Thunder Claps by chance in my collection. These are pretty large and look cool, but take up a lot of room. The large cannon is a big cool feature. The Raider is an interesting vehicle. I don’t own one but I will pick one up if I see one out and about. For some reason I do have the driver for this vehicle. The Arctic Blast is no Snow Cat but this is an interesting looking Snow Vehicle. I have a couple and they actually look pretty cool in hand and come with a nice looking driver to boot. Slaughter’s Marauders had the Armadillo, Equalizer, and the Lynx. All were repainted tanks with upgraded missiles or cannons. They look pretty cool even though I do not own any. Night Force has Night Bomber, Night Ray, and Night Scrambler.

These are straight repaints and the original vehicles look really cool in black. We also got the Tiger Sting and Tiger Fish. The Battle Force 2000 Equalizer is one I had as a kid, but it didn’t really fit with the base but it was a cool small vehicle. The Tri-Blaster and Radar Rat are small 1 man vehicles that are kind of cool. I don’t own them but would pick them up on the cheap. Cobra also had counterparts to these 2 vehicles. The Devastator is a small vehicle that looks cool and its counterpart Hovercraft Battlefield Robot is basically a square vehicle that looks a bit stupid. Maybe it looks better in hand. Tri-Blaster, Radar Rat, Devastator and Hovercraft were all supposed to be robot vehicles even though they were all manned. The Fang II and Hiss II were both vehicles I had as a kid. They were both cool, but I think the original Fang is better and the Hiss II was a better transport then the original.

The Cobra Condor is one of those jets that is really cool, but gets left out of the conversation because the 2 jets before were just pure awesomeness. Darklon’s Evader is a cool vehicle and I had one of these as a kid. The figure is a really cool character as well. I got the Destro Razorback in a collection I bought years ago. I probably would have not gone looking for one of these, but this is a really cool vehicle in hand. The Python Patrol released 3 vehicles the ASP, very nice vehicle originally and a nice update to a classic vehicle. Stun, same thing really nice looking vehicle and possibly better looking then the original as the color scheme might suit this concept vehicle better. And last but not least to finish off the eighties, the Conquest. This is a really cool jet to begin with and the Python patrol one is really cool. I did not have these as a kid, but I do own all three now. I passed up on the 25th Python Patrol Conquest on Target clearance and I kick myself a lot over it, but those are the breaks. Which 1989 vehicle is your favorite? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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