G.I.Joe ‘1990 Vehicles’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Where were you in 1990? I was 15 and my life was slowly changing. I had a job working in my local restaurant, I was playing sports, and I was starting to party. My G.I.Joes took a back seat. Much like my life the 1990 line up of vehicles was very much changing from the classic military vehicles we were used to. Although times were changing and a new era was starting 1990 still had a lot of cool vehicles. One of my favorite vehicles from this year is the Avalanche. This was a lot bigger than the Snow Cat and had some cool spring loaded firing mechanisms.

It also featured a 1 man flying pod that had no wings or propellers, but did have rear fins to help it fly. Even though this would probably crash in real life, this is a pretty cool vehicle as a whole. There were 2 Locust helicopters. Same mold different colors. Both are cool mini choppers with canopies. The retaliator is a much larger helicopter with a unique design. The Mobile Battle Bunker looks odd to say the least but I do have a couple in my collection and these look pretty cool in hand. The Hammer is a nice Humvee. It isn’t the best one made but this one is pretty bad-ass. The Sky Patrol also had the Sky Havoc, Sky Hawk, Sky Shark, and the Sky Raven. I ended up with these from a collection I bought and I like the silver vehicles. Last for the Joes is a large vehicle I have never owned or seen in person. The General is a mobile base and it looks really cool from the pictures. If I ever come across one of these I will probably pick it up, but right now I’m good without it.

The Cobra Overlord’s Dictator was a concept type of bike, it doesn’t look horrible but I’m not sure about this one. The Cobra Piranha is a cool small boat. This would have been awesome to have years earlier to chase around the Devilfish. The Cobra Rage is a staple 90’s vehicles. I have one and it’s a nice vehicle but not in my top 25. The Hammerhead is one I did a complete write up on and this is one of my favorite vehicles from this year. There is a ton of play value and it still looks cool to display. It is rather large but this is one cool vehicle. The Hurricane VTOL is a very cool jet. I liked the looks of this and the color scheme and I was excited to get one in a collection I bought. Last but not least Destro’s Dominator. This is a cool vehicle and was used in the carton. This is a really cool helicopter. It has some cool features and moving parts and was very recognizable in the cartoon. Which 1990 vehicle is your favorite? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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