G.I.Joe ‘1991 Vehicles’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week we are talking 1991 G.I.Joe vehicles. 1990 had a number of great vehicles and by 1991 The Chicago Bulls won their first of 6 championships with Michael Jordan, Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bills went wide right to loose the first of 4 straight Super Bowls, and the undeniable decline of vehicles. There were still some cool vehicles but over all this was the weakest year since the line started in 1982. I did not have any of these as a kid and I do own a few now and I take them at face value. There are 4 Air Commando gliders. There are 2 Joe and 2 Cobra. These are pretty cool and all 4 come with really cool pilots. Cool idea but the original gliders are much cooler to me, probably because I grew up watching the 1983 gliders but I have never owned them. However I did happen to acquire all of these 1991 gliders from a collection so they are still really pretty cool.

There are also 2 battle copters that have a pull system to make the propeller go and the copter can fly for a bit on its own. These also come with cool pilots. There was the Eco Warrior Septic Tank I do have one of them and it looks pretty cool. It is very bright but fitting for the line. Then there is the Attack Cruiser I have never had this one but it looks kind of cool, it fires 2 missiles and a flying jet bomb. The Badger is one I recently picked up and did a full write up on. I do have a Brawler but I don’t think I have checked it out to its fullest. I think it is buried somewhere in totes. It looks cool and I might have to pull it out for further inspection. I thought the Battle Wagon was kind of like the 1993 Mudbuster, but after checking out a YouTube review by Formbx257 I realized I was completely wrong. This is a much bigger vehicle with rubber tires and it is motorized with a motorized Gatling gun that also can take a round of caps for added sound and smoke. This one looks pretty cool and it is one I might try to hunt down for my collection.

The Ice Saber is one of those odd vehicles that probably does not get talked about much. It looks kind of cool but awkward at the same time. This is another I think I may have from a collection I bought, but I thought it belonged to the SGT. Savage line, I’ll have to dig this out and take a closer look. The Paralyzer.is one I do not have. I checked out another YouTube video for this but it was in Spanish and being from the great north (northern New York that is), I took French because I was near Montreal PQ.

Needless to say I couldn’t understand the guy but this did look like it was a neat vehicle nothing too special but I might try to track one of these down as well. They finished off the year with mail away offers for a Cobra Ferret, a Wolf, a Slugger, and A Triple T all that looked pretty nice as they were already popular classic vehicles. 1991 was a year of change it was the first Gulf war, we lost Michael Landon, and Dr. Seuss. This was also the year the Super NES (which is still my favorite video game system) debuted in the US. It was a crazy time and the face of G.I. Joe would be changed for better or worse. Which 1991 vehicle is your favorite? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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