G.I.Joe 2003-2005 Discussion with Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost! Today I’m taking a look at the G.I.Joe Stall siblings Barrel Roll, Black Out, and Bombstrike. There is a story that could be developed of their childhood and why Black Out went to Cobra. 2003-2005 did have some great characters and even though there is a 45 minute film that I have never seen, I think the Stalls and many other characters could make a very interesting series. Hard Drive is a cool character you never hear of, it appears the Spy Troops series had a female named Firewall um where is this figure, Dreadnok Burnout, and Agent Faces.

I feel like these were great years for G.I. Joe and there are lots of new characters that didn’t get any love. Hacker, Red Spot, Switch Gears , and Depth Charge are all characters I’d like to see more of. Going back to the Stall’s these three would make an interesting start up and some of the more modern characters could be brought in. The story almost writes itself. Would Black Out ever see the light and join the Joe team? All questions that could dove into deep. I just think this is another missed opportunity for Hasbro to bring back G.I. Joe as the number 1 toy in the world.


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