G.I.Joe ‘2003 Vehicles’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week I’m taking a look at the 2003 G.I.Joe vehicles. G.I Joe was heading toward a major relaunch of Joe and Cobra vehicles. Once again this was a year with some vintage repaints as well as some new designs. There were a great number of figures released and G.I.Joe was very much back and operating in full gear. There were 2 convention exclusive vehicles a Blue Hiss Tank and a repainted mini Sub from the 1990 Hammerhead. Both look pretty cool and much like the 2002 lineup I do not own any of these vehicles.

TRU had 4 exclusive repaints, some of my all-time favorites, the Snow Cat with black trim and missiles, A Conquest that is white and gray, an AWE striker with a cool camo scheme, and a Mobile Command Center that has very few changes if any on it from the original, this is one of my favorite large playsets. KB Toy had a red Mobat renamed the Cobra Cat II. There is the Air Assault that is a mini glider that was used numerous times. The last repaint was of the 2002 Attach Chopper. The 2003 is painted tan and light brown and looks pretty awesome. Everything else was a new sculpt from 2003 and there are some funky designs but all look pretty cool in my opinion. The Battle Blitz is a small 6 wheeled all-terrain vehicle with a detachable sled. There were 2 this year with different color schemes. Both look like cool new vehicles.

The Cobra Tread Fire looks like a counterbalance to the Blitz. This small Cobra tank looks cool and has an attack drone. This one was also released with 2 different colors. The Cobra Venom Cycle comes in gray and red. This is a cool looking motorcycle and I might try to track one of these down. The Desert Coyote is a small dune buggy. This one is cool and has a lot of fire power. The Missile Storm Copter is a one man mini chopper. It’s no Fang but does have a unique look. There is a blue and yellow Wave Crusher that looks nice. It is a small one person water sled. The Gun Station is an updated Flack I think. It looks cool but nothing special. The Hover Strike is an interesting looking vehicle. This is a remote control vehicle so I think it would be cool to have. The Patriot Grizzly Tank looks like a cool tank. I would like to see this one in person.

The MUV is a jeep and a remote control vehicle. This has a certain cool factor to it. The Polar Blast is a snowmobile that looks cool and has sound. The Road Rebel is a small one man tank. It’s small but looks cool. The Sky Sweeper Jet looks pretty awesome, I do have the 2009 version of this one and I haven’t used it much. The Smoke Screen Transport is a cool Humvee. It has some hidden missiles and looks like it packs a punch. The Spit Fire is a truck that looks pretty awesome. I might try to track one of these down. The Crimson Command Copter looks really awesome. Somehow I have Tomax and Xamot from this vehicle but not the vehicle. Finally there is the Conquest of Cobra Mountain playset. This looks very cool and looks like it was a nice modern Cobra base. Many of these vehicles had sound and firing missiles that made them really cool. Who has any of the 2003 vehicles? Which one is your favorite? MAKE THE JUMP to the forum and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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