G.I.Joe ‘2004 Vehicles’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week I’m taking a look at the 2004 G.I.Joe vehicles. G.I Joe was in full gear with vehicles and figures in 2004, I was about to become a father for the first time, and I was back looking in toy aisles. There were a lot of hard choices that year and I passed on a lot of Joe stuff do to the fact that diapers won out over figures. There were 3 convention exclusives this year. The Tiger-Ray Hydrofoil a repaint of the original that is awesome. The Dreadnok Cycle and Stun. Both are a light purple and look cool, but I won’t be chasing these 2 down. K*B toy had the Operation Crimson Sabotage exclusive. This is a red Hiss with a red ASP. This is an awesome set and I would love to get one of these.

TRU had 2 exclusives. The APC Transport that was repainted black, gold and red for the BATS that had the same color scheme. This one looks really awesome and I like the BATS from this year. The other was a Vamp with Twin Battle Cannon. I tried getting one off a guy one marketplace, but he wouldn’t budge on the price so I passed it up. It looks very cool though. There is a Costco exclusive that came with 6 figures a Smoke Screen Transport and a Cobra Ringneck. Both of these 2003 vehicles are cool and this was a way to get it in one huge set in 2004. K-Mart also had an exclusive called Operation Avalanche. It came with the 2003 Assault Quad and 2 Air Assault gliders.

The 4 figures were probably the selling point here. The Air Assault was also packaged single along with other repacked 2003 vehicles the Battle Blitz, Cobra Venom Cycle, Desert Coyote, and Missile Storm Copter. The 2003 Gun Station was repainted and released. Night Force Grizzly Tank is a repaint of the 2003 Patriot Grizzly Tank. This is a cool looking version The Skysweep Jet is a black repaint of the 2003 red one. The Tiger Storm Copter is a repaint of the 2003 version. These are ok but I won’t be tracking them down. There are 2 Ninja Lightening Cycles. A Gray and a Black one, they both looked pretty cool. There are 2 Tigerhawks. 1 Gray and 1 tan. This is a small 1 man jet and actually doesn’t look bad in the pictures.

The Battle Hornet is a small aircraft that looks like a helicopter with no rotor blades. It looks cool and I would like to see one in person. The Neutralizer is a small tank. It looks ok nothing special. The Venom Striker is a red Cobra 4-wheeler. I think this one would be cool without the large gun on the back of it. The Quickstrike is a medium size 6 wheeled vehicle. It looks a bit cool but I’m not sure about it. The Sting Raider is a mini sub. This one looks pretty cool and I think it would look great battling a Shark. This is one I would like to come across. The Ice Saber is a cool vehicle. I have the 2009 Ice Dagger version and the design is cool and I like this color scheme of the original 2004 version.

The Piranha Attack boat is a really cool looking mid-size boat. I might try and track one of these down. The Jungle Strike Humvee is one of the best vehicles in my opinion. I have the Desert Humvee and this one is an awesome design. I would like to find this version someday. The Night Adder is a Cobra Jet. Although this looks similar to a Star Wars ship, I think I might try and track one of these down. The Thunderwing Jet is a cool jet. It’s hard to compete with the awesome lineup of Joe Jets but this one can hold a candle to it, but it might get blown out eventually.

The Pulverizer and The Defense Mech are robots that a figure sits inside of to control it. These actually look pretty cool and they don’t look as big as some of the other similar robots, so I would love to have these in hand to see just how cool they are. I think a lot of these vehicles may have had lights, sound, and/or spring loaded missiles, but I think the figures that came in the sets or vehicle were a large pull for people buying these vehicles. Over all I think this was a successful year and I definitely want to track down some of these vehicles to see how cool they are in hand. Who has any of the 2004 vehicles? Which one is your favorite? Join in the discussion AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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