G.I.Joe 3 To Begin Filming in 2015!


As feared, the Jem movie has set back the filming of G.I.JOE 3 to 2015 now. It also appears they are having troubles with the script. Lorenzo Dibonaventura had much to say with the people at Collider.com.

(Source: Collider.com)

The producer revealed they’re finalizing a deal with a screenwriter now and have just started meeting with directors, adding that he hopes to be shooting by February or March 2015.
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“We’re just starting [to talk to directors]. We’re negotiating with a writer right now, and once we close that deal—which should be any moment—then we’ll have a story locked down. I’m really excited about it.”


the cast isn’t yet set, di Bonaventura said they have definitely heard which characters fans would like to see in another G.I. Joe film:
“One thing is for sure: there were some characters the fans were really shouting for us to put in, we’re gonna put in a few one of the ones that they know that would be new to the movie audience if they don’t know the mythology.”


So here are my thoughts. This sounds like a total mess. They have a vague idea they want to do a movie for 2016 release but no idea what or who or how to follow up. Chu is out, the writer is out? It sounds as if they are starting completely from scratch. All I really want is a movie I can walk out of and say, this is a movie I have to see again and I have to tell everyone I know to go see it. Not just because it is a G.I.JOE movie either, but because it is a great film!

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